OUR 2018 BEAR HUNT:  May 26-June 1, 2018  

This is the hunt that gives you the most heartbeats per minute and at the best price!  Imagine sitting in a tree stand in the Canadian back woods as twilight descends. You hear a good-sized branch snap on the ground behind you.  Your heartbeat revs.  Your hands and knees begin to shake.  Because you know the only thing big enough to have snapped that twig is a black bear!

Join us in a hunt we've done for over 25 years.  The $1650 price includes hunting on established baits and a super cabin to stay in.  The cabins are really nice with kitchen and bathroom/shower.  Coffee pot, pans, dishes, and utensils are supplied but not the food.  You can do some cooking yourself or go to the lodge to order breakfast, lunch , or dinner.  Canadian beer and hooch too!

Hunting is generally done in the afternoon/evening, but once you feel confident in finding your bait, you can spend the day if you like.

The lodge and cabins called Camp Grassy Narrows are located on Lake Simard and the fishing is great.  You can rent a boat & motor and buy your bait there too.

The camp is about a 3 hour drive northeast of North Bay, Ontaria and is closest to a very small town called Moffett, Quebec.  

We'll need a $500 deposit to hold your spot.

Stop in our shop or call to talk about this hunt.  We won't be able to stop telling you stories!!!

W. 205-349-3015             703 Main Ave.     Northport, Al.


Trace Greene

Cole McCool

Arash Arabi

Tanya Decker

Richard Hicks - That's a bear paw!

Austin Roach

Trace Greene

Cole & Cassidy McCool

Mike Howard

Arash Arabi

Colby Hamner

Cole McCool

Trace Greene

Arash Arabi

Cassidy McCool

Colby Hamner

Lake Simard

2014 Hunt

Danny Gilliland

Richard Hicks and David Kelley

Colby Hamner with pike.jpg

Colby Hamner

Howell Flatt & Bill Blair


2013 Hunt


Richard Hicks & Brandon Sanford

Terry Rodenberry

Brandon Sanford, Davey Spohr, Richard Hicks, and Hunter Shaw

Josh Sanford

Richard Hicks

Lauren Blough

Glenn Austin.jpg

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