Talk to us about the transport of your trophy skins back to Alabama after your trip.  Give us a call at 205-349-3015                                            Take a look at this great Trophy Field Care Guide.  It will show you step by step the proper way to prepare your animal for mounting. This is very important if you plan on sending your skins to us.

In addition to the tips on the field care guide we also recommend the following:

  • To prevent drag marks, do not drag your animal unprotected.  We would recommend you carry the animal, or put something underneath when pulling out of the woods.
  • Unless absolutely necessary, do not skin or gut small game, birds, or fish.  The best practice is to bag the animal whole and freeze.
  • We prefer the "flat incision" for skinning large life-size game animals.  ( to find out more be sure to read the above field care guide )
  • Talk to us before your trip, if necessary, to skin out heads completely.  You will need to know the right way to do it in order to guarantee a beautiful mount.
  • Songbirds, Eagles, Hawks, and Owls are Federally Protected.  Hicks Taxidermy does not mount federally protected animals and birds


  • Choose a box about twice the size of your bird(s).  Make a "nest" from scrunched up newspaper and place the frozen bird(s).  Pack more paper around and on top of the bird(s).
  • Print and complete the Federal Migratory Bird Tag including signature.
  • Include your contact information (name, address, e-mail, phone).
  • Any photos you'd like to share with us are welcome.
  • Ship early in the week, especially during warm weather.  Next-Day or Second-Day shipping is best. Please ship UPS/FedEx rather than Post Office.

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  • Let us know when you have shipped: or 205-349-3015